Have a Life you Love

photo for aametIf you are stuck in your life or health; the techniques I offer maybe the answer you are looking for. At The Lyn Atkins Practice you can learn techniques to help you move forward; to a Life you Love.

I am the designer of Time Movie Technique I also specialise in The Phil Parker Lightning Process , EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Matirx-Reimprinting as well as being qualified in Hypnotherapy & NLP techniques.

Learn EFT: I am a trainer of EFT, for clients wishing to learn EFT for themselves or for those wishing to become an EFT Practitioner

Helping others regain their lives



The Lyn Atkins Practice


Emotional Freedom Technique Training

EFT often referred to as Tapping

Level one – a wonderful opportunity to learn how to use

 EFT Tapping for yourself


Level two is an excellent training programme to enhance your skills for self work or to become a qualified practitioner as a stand alone therapy, or to add to an existing discipline


Hope you can join us for this amazing training week-end


Full details of both courses can be viewed on the EFT page


Any questions please contact me

Lyn Atkins 01305 786244 / 07500837180

Email: lyn.atkins@yahoo.co.uk

Website www.lynatkins.com